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All You Need To Know About Competitive Gaming

Submitted by solomon on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 22:12
image of competitive gamers
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / kenzi

Competitive gaming has been on the rise in recently, booming in popularity. It is quickly turning into one of the most well-paid jobs around and definitely one of the most exciting sports to set foot into the mainstream media. Ranging from PCs to consoles, games have taken the competitive scene by storm.

What is competitive gaming?

It is quite self-explanatory, playing games against others to win. But is it really that simple? The answer is no. The recent spark of interest in the gaming industry has created many competitions and allowed people who are good at this intellectual sport to shine. Competitive games are known as e-sports where players, who have dedicated thousands of hours mastering the control of a virtual world, are put to the test against each other.

How popular are e-sports?

There are dozens of game streaming websites such as Twitch (725,620 years of viewing time in the last year!) and tournaments which draw in hundreds of thousands of live viewers in person and online. For example a tournament in Katowice, Poland hosted more than 173,000 attendees - that's about 100,000 more than the Superbowl last year, in addition to the over 46 million online unique viewers. Many major PC tech companies such as Razer have even dived into the e-sports scene through sponsorships of big teams.

How much can a team earn?

There are hundreds of professional teams in the competitive scene of gaming currently, and numerous tournaments ranging from hundred dollar prize pools to hundreds of thousands. Some of the most successful teams, such as Team Liquid ($17,684,421.65), or Cloud9 ($5,792,795.32) have earned unbelievable amounts of money, fame and popularity over their careers.  These are very successful examples, but there are many smaller teams which also earn prizes that are definitely worth the time spent mastering their passion.

Which games earn the most money?

Tournaments are held for a variety of PC, console, and mobile games. That said, some of the highest-paid tournaments host PC games such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For example, The International 2017 had a total prize pot of $24,687,919.00 for Dota 2. Meanwhile, there are also smaller tournaments held for mobile games such as Clash Royale: The Kings Cup 2 had a prize pot of $200,000.

How can I get into the competitive scene?

Getting into a world-class team isn’t the only way to get yourself known in competitive gaming. There are multiple ways to start, like finding a sponsorship from websites such as Hellogamers or assembling a team with your friends or other skilled individuals. However, you must be interested and dedicated to gaming as it is not a very easy path to follow. Despite the fact that gaming is a source of entertainment, mastering it requires lots of practice. Good luck, have fun!

By Georgi