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Why Do Teenagers Get Addicted To Drugs And Alcohol?

Submitted by solomon on Mon, 01/01/2018 - 18:56
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Many teenagers go through a dark phase and some get addicted to drugs and alcohol because of many varied reasons.


Many people experience depression, and it affects a lot of people in their teenage years. In fact, statistics show that about 20% of all teens suffer from depression before they reach the age of 18. Some teens who go through depression can get involved in drugs or alcohol. This is because they are having a really tough time in their lives, for example, relationships, family issues and strong emotions. On the other hand, they could be doing drugs or alcohol for popularity or to fit in with certain people who pressure them. However, teens don’t realise the danger they are putting themselves in. They think that doing drugs is harmless but too much can lead to greater problems.

Pressurised by popular people:

Popular people set a standard for how a normal person should look, do and act. Less popular people are bullied by these popular people because of their looks and how they act. These less popular people are also pressurized to do activities such as drugs and alcohol to fit in or be 'friends' with the popular people. They think by doing these horrible activities would make their lives easier by fitting in but the outcome would be nothing but easy and instead be addictive and painful.

Medical issues:

Although very few teenagers get Parkinson's disease, it is still an issue in our society. There are currently 127,000 people in the UK who have Parkinson’s disease. Many of these people treat their disease with cannabis but in most countries, cannabis is illegal, whereas some countries allow it only for specific illness and only under supervision. People who cannot use cannabis are arguing that it should be legal to treat themselves and not be in pain all of the time for the rest of their lives. Those people who don’t want cannabis to be legal often don’t have to deal with these types of diseases for the rest of their lives so don’t have much say in this type of topic.

Source of freedom:

At some point in life, everyone wants to get away from reality’s troubles. Some spend time with family, some go out of their comfort zones, and some choose to do drugs and alcohol. For example, heroin. Heroin is an opiate, which takes away an awful lot of your pain when you have a small amount. However, every time you take it, you risk becoming addicted. People who choose this path don’t think of the result of this activity, they just want to get away at that exact moment. Instead of doing this, what you should actually do is seek advice and get better, rather than destroy your health and still feel at your worst.

By Negeen and Miriam