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5 Way To Ease Period Cramps

Submitted by solomon on Tue, 07/17/2018 - 15:45
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Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Jeshoots

Half of women workers have experienced period cramps which have affected their ability to work. A YouGov survey of 1,000 women showed that 52% of them struggled at work due to period pains. Periods are something every female has to go through when it gets to a certain point in their life. But do period pains mean you have to lay in bed and not get on with your day? Well, here are 5 tips to keep you up on your feet. 

1. Hot water bottle:

Due to the contractions of the muscles in your abdomen area, you will have cramps and potential pelvic pain. One of the best relievers for muscle pain is heat. Taking a heat patch or water bottle wrapped in a tea towel and applying it to the affected areas reduces cramps.

2. Painkillers:

These are one of the quickest ways to get rid of your cramps. It is advised to take Ibuprofen and aspirin. The NHS states: "Don't take ibuprofen or aspirin if you have asthma or stomach, kidney or liver problems. Aspirin shouldn't be given to anyone under 16 years of age. You could also try paracetamol, but studies have shown that it doesn't reduce pain as effectively as ibuprofen or aspirin."

3. Lime water:

Lime is an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your body by preventing or stopping damage caused by free radicals, or chemicals that harm cells. One of its other benefits is rejuvenating skin. This is essential as on your period your skin produces excess amounts of oil causing breakouts.

4. Exercise:

The NHS states:  "you may not feel like exercising during a painful period, but keeping active can reduce pain; try some gentle swimming, walking or cycling." This is proven to have helped women during their period. Try taking light walks by your nearby park, around your house, or walking at least 10 minutes on your journey to school.

5. Iron-rich foods:

During your period you lose a lot of iron which can make you exhausted throughout the day, therefore, you need to replace those vitamins in your body. The best way of doing this is eating iron-rich food such as dark green, leafy vegetables, red meat, pork, poultry and beans.

By Ruona