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Feminism, Islamophobia, And Racism: Stereotypes In Modern Britain

Submitted by solomon on Sun, 02/04/2018 - 16:48
image of woman in hijab
Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Danang Wicaksoo

It’s ok to have free speech when it comes to saying what you want to, but there are times when things you say could hurt the ones that are closest to you without you even knowing it. If you worry about knowing what not to say in front of certain people in public then you’re in the right place.

Why is extreme feminism a problem?

Feminism takes a big role in all aspects of society, but extreme feminism comes with a cost. By blaming men, you are not accepting their nature, just because they’re not the type of ‘guys’ you want them to be. Remember not all men are perfect!

Is Islamophobia a major issue in Britain?

An Instagram snap shows a McDonald's security guard being suspended for forcing a hijabed woman to take off her headscarf out in public, what do you think? This is the actual reality we live in, an area where people are afraid of Muslims just because of certain radicals who bombard random areas for their own benefit. Remember saying something that harasses Muslims can cause fights, so don’t do it!

Are ethnic minorities born in Britain migrants?

Calling a person from an ethnic minority an immigrant is a mistake because being born into a country doesn’t make you an immigrant. For those that do say things like this, get your facts right because it doesn’t make you look intelligent. Also if you think ‘abusing immigrants’ would make you look good, you’re wrong: the media will tell the public about it.

Is racism a controversial issue in Britain?

Racism is the ‘new normal’ in Britain today, and many of those cowardly tweets that pop out from people are causing random chaos for no reason. Is it fair for a person to make fun of others just because of their race? For some people, their race labels them as being violent, scary, and bombers.

By Lisa