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Why Are Designer Clothes So Expensive?

Submitted by solomon on Wed, 01/31/2018 - 15:31
image of woman wearing designer clothes
Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Loe Moshkovska

How do they portray the clothes online?

They try and fill the details and features section with everything they can think of. They also they give them a “technical” name to entice you and make you want to buy it.

Why do people buy designer clothes?

People will buy these pieces of clothing for one reason and one reason only: to flex. This means they buy them just to show off that they have the clothes. They don’t care about the material or what it is used for. Many times when I go into London and the weather is rather nice, you will see at least one group of people in black tracksuits or black North Face coats just for the sake of showing them off.

Should you buy these clothes?

Personally, I would buy the clothes because they look good, although their prices are very high. But if you are willing to put a big investment into a piece of clothing despite the risk of losing it, damaging it, or it getting stolen because some of these brands are very sought after, by all means, buy it, just stay very organised and punctual.

Which brands should you buy?

Some examples are Stone Island, Supreme, Bape, Off-white, and Gucci. These are all brands that come at high prices but if you are willing, by all means, buy them.