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All You Need To Know About The Arsenal Invicibles

Submitted by solomon on Thu, 03/01/2018 - 18:51
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Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Paul Hudson

Arsenal are and always will be the greatest team you will ever see. But what does the word ‘Invincible’ mean? The word invincible means too powerful to be defeated or overcome, which shows Arsenal were strong and powerful in the matches they played. This was the greatest achievement making Arsenal one of the best teams.

The only thing is another team were invincible and they were Preston North End in the 1880s, managed by William Sudell, over 100 years ago. But how well do you know Arsenal?

Who were the Arsenal Invincibles?

The Arsenal Invincibles were a very special team managed by Arsene Wenger. This team was one of the best and were unbeaten for 49 games. This is evident when a website states ‘It is the greatest ever feat achieved in English football and will probably not be replicated ever again’. The word feat means an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength.  

Who was the team to break Arsenal’s unbeaten run?

The team that ended Arsenal’s unbeaten run was Manchester United, where Ruud van Nistelrooy scored from the spot.  Wayne Rooney scored the second, and this was probably a shock to most people as Arsenal did so well only to ruin it by losing to Manchester United.   

How did Arsenal go a whole season unbeaten?

There are a lot of explanations for why Arsenal won 49 games, but my main reason is that Arsenal worked together as a team and somehow they did it. This could be a ‘living miracle’. Arsenal did it with players such as Dennis Bergkamp, Sol Campbell, and even Thierry Henry. According to Goal,  ‘Arsenal had an attacking genius’ and are remembered for it.   

Could Arsenal ever do it again?

To be honest, there is always a possibility that Arsenal or any other club could go on a winning streak. But in the present day, Arsenal would probably do anything to have those players back, as their team is having trouble winning consistently. The website WhoScored shows Arsenal’s statistics and how they give up chances too easily. 

By Jake