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4 Ways To Reduce Stress Caused By School

Submitted by solomon on Fri, 04/13/2018 - 17:44
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Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Pixabay

Most of the time stress for teenagers occurs due to school. This could be caused due to exams, homework, revision and more. This is not criticising the schools as their jobs are only to challenge and expand our capabilities. Luckily, if you are suffering from stress due to school you are able to reduce it.

Always be up to date with your homework

This will allow you to be more organised and it will give you more free time. Moreover, when you do not keep up with your homework you end up having to do it last minute in bad quality, and it will only trouble you, leading to anxiety and stress.

Make sure you revise

A lot of teenagers do not understand the importance of revising and how effective it is, most likely if you do not revise for a test then you will feel anxious and very stressed before your exam and you will probably not do very well in it which will only cause you more stress and will often make you less confident and more stressed. Subsequently, you also need to manage the time you spend regarding technology. I am sure that we all love technology and social media: nonetheless, technology can affect your mental health. It can be addictive, making you lose focus. You end up being exhausted and harming your mental health. 

Have a healthy schedule 

This applies to bedtimes, homework and free time. If you always go to bed late, then you will always be tired which can make you stressed. Additionally, if you do not manage your time correctly then you will always be falling behind and end up being extremely disorganised. This will cause you to be anxious all the time, as well as leading you to feel tired all day, dragging out your energy and affecting your health.

Having a balanced diet

This helps to reduce stress as certain foods provide comfort and actually increase levels of chemicals in the body that fight stress e.g. serotonin, which makes you more confident.

By Ricardo