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Two Reasons Why You Should Value Your Education

Submitted by solomon on Mon, 04/16/2018 - 15:21
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Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Gerd Altmann

School. Boring right? No. School will change you, your future and the loved ones around you. Once you grasp the reality of your life without school, you will be grateful for the education given to you. Remember you’re extremely lucky to be in such a position and not everyone has what you have. When you begin to value and become grateful for the things you have, many more things will come your way. So here are two reasons why a valued education is a better education.

Be entirely aware of how blessed you are

The harsh reality of how important education is not there to burden you but to inspire you to achieve the best you can. Do you know the scale of how many people have suffered or are currently suffering to pursue what you have? Education is priceless because you never know the product you will be left with at the end. Whether you will be left with something good or something bad is all up to your passion, enthusiasm, and hard work. 

Everyone is strong at something in school

The biggest mistake you can ever make is not believing in yourself. Believing that you’re worthless and bad at everything is a feeling that adds fuel to the fire of failure. If you don’t grasp the opportunities given to you at school you will reach an older age where regret will cover you like a dark blanket and so trust me, try your best. Even if you get bad grades, everyone is a genius if they believe so and the number of geniuses that have said this is inspiring. If it's not maths or science, its art or drama if not so, then it's sport or something else. Whatever you are good at, take it and exceed expectations. Whoever tries their best will succeed no matter where or when.  

By Mourad