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4 Reasons Why You Should Love Black Panther

Submitted by solomon on Thu, 04/19/2018 - 13:51
Black Panther poster
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / David Holt

This movie is important to me because this movie expresses African culture really well. It’s unique as it is set in a fictional Sub-Saharan country, Wakanda. Marvel movies are rarely set in that part of the world. 

Rare blockbuster

Black Panther is a film that cannot be dismissed. This film is rare as it is the only Marvel film that consists of mainly black characters. It produces strong cultural metaphors, through things you may not think of typically. Notice in the film, for example, positioning in scenes, body marks, clothing and obstacles/ situations throughout the movie. 

Relatability to reality 

What is the relationship between Africa and black people scattered worldwide? Well, Black Panther exhibits African history and African links with Africans plastered around the world today. This is presented through the characters in the film, for example, Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). Black Panther exhibits African culture through fashion, hairstyles, music, African leadership systems and many more. All things that mirror Africa on a whole.

Representing diversity

As an African, I think this movie is very inspiring as I don’t really see movies where my culture is expressed. It makes me feel prouder of my skin. It also opens my eyes to the hidden history in Africa, it presents how Africa once did (and still does) have many valuable resources that have helped products come alive today. It makes me think… imagine what Africa could have looked like or achieved if certain obstacles haven’t stopped development in most African countries. I feel as if I learnt even more about my roots and it makes me want to learn more.

As an African, I think…

Black Panther represents diversity as it spreads across different cultures from different countries in Africa. This was a smart move as it doesn’t put the spotlight on one country in Africa. Therefore this helped many people relate to the movie on a whole. This movie was smart in doing this as it could inspire many movie makers into putting varieties of ethnicities and cultures in their future films. This could possibly change the minds of others in terms of judging each other’s ethnicities and could bring peace between people too.

By Benie