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7 Ways You Can Be A K-Pop Idol

Submitted by solomon on Wed, 04/25/2018 - 17:17
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Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Republic of Korea

Talent and Approval:

1. Understand what it takes to be an idol, and to know this is what you want to do without doubts or second thoughts, so you haven’t wasted a lifetime doing something you don't like.

2. Learn how to sing, rap or dance. That’s the most important thing to do. Most fans in the K-pop industry like bands that consist of dancing and singing. Work on your dance moves, as you’ll need to audition to get into a company that produces worldwide K-pop stars, like Exo and Red Velvet, who are run by SMTOWN. Got7 and BlackPink are run by JYP.

3. Also, you’ll need to learn how to act, as most k-pop artists are in lots of K-Dramas and you’ll need to do some acting in your music videos. Learn how to speak Korean! Most k-pop artists put in English lyrics in their songs without knowing what the meaning is. K-Pop means Korean pop, meaning you’ll need to speak at least some Korean in your songs.


4. Well, you’ll obviously need to follow this step. Choose a company to audition for. Usually, when a popular company sets auditions, spaces run out immediately. You’ll want to go to a popular company because smaller ones are barely noticed. Audition! Lots of auditions go viral as you get famous. Your audition will go from social media to the next, turning into memes, FMV and more.

5. It’s not essential to have a Korean heritage or background. Believe it or not, but quite a few k-pop stars are not Korean. Lisa from BlackPink, she’s from Thailand. Lay from Exo, he’s from China. Yuta from NCT, he’s from Japan. 

6. Outfit finding for auditions. Find a nice but appropriate outfit for your audition. Wear something comfy to dance in, use light makeup because the judges would love to see your natural beauty. And be confident, they feed off your fear!

7. Be persistent! Don’t let anyone discourage you. Don’t let a few audience members dissuade you. Just do what you want!

By Habon