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4 Great Reasons You Should Listen To Ed Sheeran

Submitted by solomon on Wed, 09/12/2018 - 18:32
Ed Sheeran
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Mark Kent

This topic is important to me because Ed Sheeran is very relatable and he has inspired me to do great things and write my own music.

1. He writes songs that have emotion and stories behind them

His latest album Divide has grasped the hearts of many fans as he wrote about his personal experiences and made his songs very relatable. They are also meaningful and have amazing melodies.

2. He proves that not all songs have to be about drugs and alcohol

Most songs that are released now are about smoking weed and getting high. For example, Gucci Gang and Can’t Feel My Face. Ed Sheeran is someone to look up to because he writes songs that are well thought-out: ones that require skill and mind to write, unlike the ‘modern’ and ‘new’ songs. 

3. Ed Sheeran showed everyone that anything is possible

The pop star has grown up with a condition that made him have a lazy eye. He also had problems with speech that caused him to stutter. This attracted many bullies. When his dad bought an Eminem album, he got inspired and started writing his own music. He practised every day and his speech got better. In his later teen years, he did 12 shows a week but achieved nothing. Times were really hard. Sometimes he didn’t have a roof over his head but never gave up. Later on, he decided to move to America where he met a radio broadcaster that let him perform. He sang some of his songs and that attracted the attention of another known pop star: Taylor Swift. She asked him to tour with her and this started his career. This is a real story of rags-to-riches: now he is happy with a wonderful fiancé and he is making the most of his star life! 

4. He does many amazing things to help the world

Last year, he visited West Africa and raised money for Liberia. The pop star also met a boy that lived there. Sheeran tried to keep himself from crying. He said: “I thought it’s not that bad. But it is.”. This shows that it really means a lot and he is really compassionate.  It's partly why he would be a good role model.

By Alicja