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4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Stranger Things

Submitted by solomon on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 09:46
finn wolfhard
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Gage Skidmore

The series Stranger Things is very important to me as it is very addictive. Whenever you have some spare time on your hands, and you are old enough, you must watch Stranger Things (warning: you will never want to let your phone, TV, or computer go for anything). This series is so addictive and amusing.

What is Stranger Things about?

In Indiana in 1983, there were 4 young kids (Lucas, Mike, Will, Dustin). One night everyone was in Mike’s basement, chilling and playing Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) for a long period of time. It was really late and Mike's mum told them all to go home as the next day there would be school. They went, and everyone got home safely except Will, who is captured by a Demogorgon. The Demogorgon takes Will into the Upside Down (which is a place where everything is in the same place, but it is dark, cold, and all slimy). After this everyone goes and tries to find Will but they can't. Will's mum starts hearing something and doesn’t know what it is. One day she sees the Demogorgon through the wall but can’t figure out she can reach her son through the Demogorgon. After a while, they figure out a secret tunnel, and Will's mum and the sheriff find Will and take him home. However, everything doesn’t turn just fine.

How much in common do you have with the characters?

The main character in the show is Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. She likes singing and she is actually English, but she sounds American in the show. Then we have Mike (Finn Wolfhard): he likes to sing as well and is scared of clowns even though he was in the movie “It”. Then we have Will (Noah Schnapps): he likes to act and started when he was 6 years old and has since been in different types of movies or series. After this, we have Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin): he likes to dance, as he studies dance. Lastly, we have Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo): he likes to act as he has been in several commercials. He has a health problem with his teeth but it’s not serious.

Why is Stranger Things so famous?

Stranger Things is famous as it is both a horror show and an entertaining film that excites you for the next episode. The series Stranger Things is very much based on trying to help Will, because he is sort of compelled (in Season 2) to this beast from the Upside Down.

Why should you watch Stranger Things?

You should watch Stranger Things as it is entertaining and has a mixture of different genres. This makes the series varied: it doesn’t stay in the same genre. There is horror in some parts, but there is also comedy!

By Lorena