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4 Reasons Why Homework Shouldn’t Exist

Submitted by solomon on Thu, 09/20/2018 - 10:53
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Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Pixabay

There is a high chance that nobody out there actually likes homework, so why not just get rid of it? Although most teachers would disagree with me, I believe that homework shouldn’t exist for the reasons listed below.

1. Stress

Many children find that they receive far too much homework, and I can certainly say I receive far too much homework, as I receive 22 pieces a week and I barely get any free time to myself. Overworking can cause stress, and stress can cause lack of sleep, causing even more stress as well as not being able to concentrate.

2. Examples of good homework systems

One excellent example of a suitable homework system is all Finnish schools. The OECD think tank says: "One of the most striking facts about Finnish schools is that their students have fewer hours of instruction than students in any other OECD country." They have double the amount of summer holidays and they have much less homework as well. In the Pisa tests, Finland is 6th and the UK is 23rd, despite all the homework we get. In maths the UK is 26th and Finland is 12th. Although many people say otherwise, if a school teaches a student well, homework doesn’t affect the grades of a pupil. If homework isn’t removed, I believe that limiting it will still be much better.

3. Eats up all free time

Childhood is a very important time in a person’s life which they must enjoy because you are a child only once. If you are dumped with homework then it takes up all your free time which you should use to socialise and do things you enjoy, such as after-school clubs.

4. It could lower the grades of pupils

All the homework could stress a student out, as I said before, but if a student has so much that they are going to bed late every night and doing the homework in other classes then it stops students from concentrating. I have had many experiences of going to bed late and doing homework in other classes and I’m sure others have done so as well. The reason they do this is that they are afraid to get sanctioned.

By Sophia