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Why The Old Snapchat Was Better Than The New Update

Submitted by solomon on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 11:08
image of snapchat on phone
Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Tim Savage

In the past few months, Snapchat has introduced many updates which have caused users of the app to have mixed emotions. This has resulted in a lot of publicity for the app since many people are posting about it, stating their opinions, which are mostly negative.

'Limited time' snaps aren’t really limited … 

What was the whole point of Snapchat? Some say it’s the communication with photos and videos, some say it’s the unique stories (before Instagram and WhatsApp introduced them), but the vast majority say that it’s the fact that you can send snaps to people which are only visible for 1-10 seconds, depending on your preference. This feature was updated in the mid-2017 update of Snapchat where you could change the time that you want the snap visible for to infinity. This update was alright and didn’t anger many people because they quite liked it, until the update of April 2018. In this update, even if you send a snap for 1 second, the other person can hold it down and see it for as long as they like. Many people did not like this update because it goes against the main idea of Snapchat.


People used to half-swipe on chats, meaning that if they wanted to know what the other person texted them, they could swipe on the chat but not fully- just enough so that they can see what the other person said. This particular feature helped many people because they could see the message without the other person knowing that they saw it. In the latest update, if you swipe right on any part of the screen it takes you straight to stories or groups instead of the chat. Now how are we meant to decide whether to ignore people?!

Snap Map

The new Snap Map is quite a creepy feature as it reveals your location at any time to all of your friends. Unless you enter Ghost Mode, everybody can see where you are, even when you are with someone else who also does not have Ghost Mode enabled.  Even though you can use Ghost Mode, maybe one day you forget it and from that moment on, anybody can see where you are. 

Group Video Chat

One of the updates also included group chats which users of Snapchat actually enjoyed (which is rare) and group chats on Snapchat was a success. Now that they have included group video calls as well in the April 2018 update, the majority think that Snapchat has changed and is starting to turn into other apps. We used to like Snapchat for its uniqueness, but now social media apps all have the same features. We all still love Snapchat and use it but I just hope that they make it like how it was before. 

By Lana