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What Made The 90s Better Than Now?

Submitted by solomon on Wed, 08/08/2018 - 11:27
Aaron Carter performing
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Will Fisher

The 90s. The spotlight of the 1900s, the era we (well at least some of us) crave to see before our eyes, from music to fashion to history-making. Many millennials are begging on their knees to experience this great era. Tick-tocking back to the 90s' existence is a thing we thirst for.

Grooving and moving, rapping and stacking

From bopping to slow jams to moving to drill tunes, over the past decade music has changed in terms of the message behind it, the type of music videos, and much more. In the 90s, music came across more softly, as RnB and Hip Pop was one of the big genres singers sang. Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, TLC, Monica, and many more. Many artists brought across a message of love and affection. There was also rap music but it didn’t dominate the playlists like drill music dominates today, especially in the UK. The upcoming genre drill is one of the most played genres in the UK today. The difference between the rap music then and drill music now is that drill music is aggressive as the lyrics focus on gun and knife crime.

Lights, camera, vogue

Fashion was one of the biggest factors that made the 90s stand out. Hairstyles, trainers, makeup and many more: all things that were a major part of the 90s look. Fashion worn then is still inspiring fashion and shoe brands today. Body image was a lot different then too. At the time being skinny was a thing females were expected to be and what men were interested in. Nowadays it’s all about being a “slim thick” body type. 

Birthing history

A huge amount of impactful history happened in the 1990s. Much of this history played a big part in how we look at our lives today. Changes in politics, changes in opinions, changes in society, lessons learned, and major breakthroughs, like the emergence of the internet. With past ideas bettering society, it gave us a foundation to improve our decisions and actions. It would have been nice to live in that moment, to see how things were before these major breakthroughs in society. 

The eternal era 

The 90s will play a big part in the 21st Century and the future, because of all these factors I have discussed. The music industry, historical breakthroughs and changes, plus the fashion world. All things to come will still grasp a little bit of the past.

By Benie