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The Mandela Effect: What Do You Think?

Submitted by solomon on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 11:35
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Simba Mai

The Mandela Effect is when a large group of people misremember an event or remember something being in a particular way, but it never was. This is often compared to déjà vu or false memory, though many people disagree, and they believe that all evidence of these events happening were somehow removed for unknown reasons. Here are some examples.

“Looney Toons”

“Looney Tunes” is a cartoon that many people remember being called “Looney Toons” - which makes sense as ‘toons’ could stand for ‘cartoons’. Since there is no evidence of the show ever being called “Looney Toons”, many believe that it is just a misunderstanding, or they say that they remember the show always being called “Looney Tunes”.

Pikachu’s Tail

This example of a Mandela effect is one that more people agree with. If you’ve ever seen Pikachu, which you most likely have, you probably remember his (Pikachu's) tail being black - but there is no evidence of his tail ever being black, as all pictures of Pikachu feature him with a full-yellow tail. So many people remember this as one of his very obvious features, which suddenly seemed to disappear. The reason I believe this Mandela is because a friend of mine did Art GCSE and drew Pikachu (while referring to a picture) as one of his pieces and the tip of his tail was black. 

Curious George’s Tail

I had never thought about this before it was mentioned to me by a friend. Both of us definitely remember George from “Curious George” having a tail and we vividly recall him swinging on a tree from his tail, as many other people online remember. I read an article about this and it said that the author had surveyed people and the majority remembered George having a tail.

By Rasha