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The Killings Need To Stop

Submitted by solomon on Thu, 05/31/2018 - 12:23
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Nikita Khandelwal

Too many people are dying and suffering major injuries in London currently. It is not right, as children are being killed by the hands of other children. Just think about it, children are taking other children lives. KILLING others for nothing - life is too short for that.

Why do people think that violence is OK?

Today there is a lot of drill music which promotes violence. This is wrong because a lot of children watch these music videos and look up to the men rapping. People in this generation believe that it is alright to use violence to deal with their problems. I understand that sometimes you don’t know what to do. But violence is not the way and the fact that people rap about it is just wrong.

How can communities stop it?

I think communities should teach children about drill music, violence, and post-code wars because these things are the things that affect them outside of school. I think that people need to be reminded that when you kill someone you are taking someone’s son or daughter, cousin, brother, sister, etc. I think that the UK needs to make sure that music is appropriate and has generally good message behind it.

This is happening now, so what are we going to do about it? Communities should unite, they should have fundraisers and hold events so that people can socialise and have a good time. This would be helpful because it would put people in an optimistic mood. Raise awareness in local communities and speak to children of different ages to teach them the truth.

Keeping safe as an individual

Go around with a friend or two in order to stay safe and not become a target. Also, try to avoid walking around at night by yourself. Use the main roads with lights and a lot of people around just in case. Avoid confrontation. Please do not go out looking for trouble because people like to bring out weapons. Memorise emergency contacts like 999 or 112.

What are the politicians doing to help?

sadiq khan speaking
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / DIUS Corporate

The mayor, who has faced criticism for not acting quickly enough to stop the killings, said “budget cuts to policing and youth centres had harmed efforts to prevent the "evil" of violent crime”.

By Kara