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How Shining Salah Stands A Chance For The Ballon d’Or

Submitted by solomon on Wed, 06/13/2018 - 15:08
mo salah
Pic: Wikimedia Creative Commons / Ardfern

Mohamed Salah, the surprise in this year’s Premier League campaign. Scoring a record-breaking 32 Goals in the EPL this season, what can go wrong for Salah? As well as an extra 11 goals in all other competitions, he is definitely in it to win it for the Ballon d'Or.

What makes him so good?

The first thing that makes Mo Salah so good is his ability to run down the wing with so much pace. This makes him almost unstoppable when he dribbles in and out of players, and most likely to create a key chance within a game. Another reason why he is so effective on the ball is because he can finish. Finishing as a winger for some can be tough, however, it seems easy for him as he’s scored 43 goals in all competitions.

How did he become so good?

Firstly, Mo Salah found his way into English Football by Jose Mourinho. However, he seems to think of this as a mistake because of his playstyles. Mourinho only sticks to one game plan, the same boring 'park the bus', which Salah didn’t like as a player. This meant that the chemistry with the midfield wasn’t clicking, and Salah needed something different. When he joined Roma, he scored double the amount of goals he scored the season before. This was most likely the biggest factor to why he became so good, especially as he was finding his peak at Roma.

What was his football upbringing like?

As a child, Salah looked up to the likes of Zidane and Totti, who he thought played like magic. He was always told by his best mate that he would be a big player, and at the age of 14, he signed a deal with El Mokawloon (a four and a half hour journey away from his village, which he had to make 5 days a week). He even had to leave school to make the journey! Finally, at the age of 16, he made his debut for his club which led to his incredible career. 3 years later, he made his debut for Egypt and scored his first international goal against Niger a month later. As well as this, he represented his country in 2012 at the Olympics, scoring in all 3 group stage games.

The same year, he moved to Europe in which he played for FC Basel, Switzerland. But, he was very unsure on what to do as he didn’t speak Swiss German nor English. During, his spell at Basel, he made it to the Europa League Final and the next season got his team to the Champions League. He later joined Chelsea. With Salah just scoring 2 goals and 1 assist from 10 appearances for the club in that season, he went on loan to Fiorentina. Fiorentina wanted Salah till the end of the season, but he refused and went on a season loan to Roma. That season, he finished Player Of The Year and with 15 goals in all competitions, everything was going just as planned, until he finally joined Liverpool in June 2017 for £35 Million (and was very happy about it, insisting that he always used to play for Liverpool in the FIFA games). He’s managed to surpass the record of Luiz Suarez.

What is Salah’s backstory?

Salah was born in Nagrig, Egypt, on the 15th of June, 1992. As a kid, Mohamed Salah was a very hard worker. He looked up more to Ronaldo than Messi because of the former's insane work. He always imagined being one of the greatest footballers, but the fact he had no time to go to training sometimes even though he was very determined, meant that he couldn’t reach his full potential. This only happened till he was 15 though, and look where the rest has gotten him!

By Jack