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4 Fictional Ideas That Need To Become Real

Submitted by solomon on Thu, 09/20/2018 - 09:57
Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Pixabay

A lot of books are known for presenting unrealistic ideas that we love to get lost in. Fiction can show some very positive and innovative amendments to issues that are currently changing systems on and around our planet.  Sure, we’re not going to be flying off to wizarding school or stepping through a closet into Narnia anytime soon, but here are the best fictional ideas that give us hope for a more magical future.

1. Cultural Harmony

One of the most pressing issues in our community is the tensions between cultures and races. One of the great ideas explorative fantasy and science fiction has given us is that one day we will all put our differences aside in the pursuit of knowledge and exploration. Lack of prejudice is one of the most positive things shown, as well as a lack of segregation. Sure, realistic animosity is shown, but the unity shown in “Star Trek” or similar shows is inspiring for the human race.

2. A Healthy Environment

The impact of humans and their practices, such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, on the environment is becoming worrying, and our icecaps and animal species are at constant risk. Levels of carbon dioxide are rising and we are in need of some better alternatives. Visions of electric cars that don’t leave even a trace of smoke and clean cities have filled our minds for years. Robert Heinlein’s short story 'Let There Be Light' was ahead of its time in creating photoelectric panels and the stereotypical science fiction universe. 'Artemis Fowl' shows hydropower and electro power being used to create transport, and 'Back To The Future' has a machine that makes clean energy out of banana peels. Although these principles are optimistic and often unrealistic, the worlds shown seems much healthier and better to live in. Ideas like electric and driverless cars are being developed by Smart and Tesla, so we can hope other innovations may follow. It is also a positive reassurance to see fictional governments acting in encouragement of the environment, rather than detrimental corporations.

3. Positive Leadership

Fictional leaders are known for being too good to be true, but some of our fictional leaders have values we need to see more of in our leadership today. Gandalf, of 'The Lord Of The Rings', inspired a world to do what was right, Atticus Finch, of 'How To Kill A Mockingbird', showed that a leader should continue to do what is right, despite it being hopeless, and Professor McGonagall, of 'Harry Potter', showed that a leader must keep a cool head and share information when necessary. These fictional leaders may not be something we can create, but amazing leaders who value things like communication and honesty are what we want to see more of in our world, especially with controversial leaders abounding.

4. A More Innovative Atmosphere

Hoverboards, like the ones we fell in love with in Back to the Future, colour changing nail polish as seen in Total Recall, and the metallic jumpsuits we seem to associate with the future, may not have as big an impact on us as environmental, cultural or leadership issues, but there are some inventions that are just awesome. Forward-thinking and a desire to constantly improve are features that could definitely improve our world beyond just materialistic terms, and actually change the way our world will develop in the future.

By Maja