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Who Are The Sidemen?

Submitted by solomon on Fri, 08/17/2018 - 12:18
Pic: YouTube / Screenshot / Sidemen

Who are the Sidemen?

The Sidemen (The Ultimate Sidemen), were formed on 19 October 2013. They are a group of seven British YouTubers who have become popular throughout the past 5 years. They are friends who play video games together and plan events for charity. The seven YouTubers are JJ (KSI), Simon (Miniminter), Tobi (TBJZL), Harry (Wroetoshaw), Ethan (Behzinga), Vikk (Vikkstar123), and Josh (Zerkaa).

What is their content?

At first, they started to play GTA (Ethan, JJ, Simon, Josh, and Tobi) and they invited Vikk. They play video games such as GTA, golf with your friends, Fortnite, FIFA, Prop Hunt, Call Of Duty, and Monopoly. Most of the time their content is filled up by football but on Vikkstar123’s channel, it's mostly gaming such as Fortnite.

What are their events like?

In 2016, The Sidemen had their first match against the YouTube Allstars. The score was 7-2 to The Sidemen. However, in 2017, The Sidemen lost 2-0 so overall they had to have one more match to decide who are the winners. Finally, in 2018, The Sidemen won 7-1 and people think it was because they were really fit. Also, Vikk scored a penalty which everyone was very happy about because he is not that good at football. The Sidemen also had boxing matches where KSI was against Joe Weller, AnEsonGib was against Max Plays FIFA, and JMX versus Mike Fox. They also have an upload event. In this event, they have The Sidemen talking about stuff like the past, present, and future of YouTube itself.

What was The Sidemen beef?

Firstly, KSI decided to leave the group and made a video about it. In this video, he says he left because of Ethan (Behzinga). Ethan responds by dissing him in a track. After Harry (Wrotoeshow) joined in and dissed KSI aswell, talking about how his EP was bad and he crashed his Lamborghini. Later, KSI dropped a diss track on Ethan including Ricegum where he said that he paid for the house that The Sidemen are living in and how fat Ethan Payne is. Soon after, KSI released his second diss track, aimed at Harry, called ‘Little Boy’, saying that ‘Sidemen’ was the name of the group because they all needed help from him as he has the highest subscriber count. In addition, he says that Harry fakes his FIFA pack openings. Then Deji, KSI’s brother, dissed all The Sidemen, mentioning that Tobi has a big nose and Simon’s white hair didn’t look good. After that, Simon (Miniminter) dropped a diss track at Deji saying he showered with his brother. 

Vikk replied to Deji saying that Vikk has good grades and that Deji shaved his eyebrows off for views. Then Ethan came back at KSI saying that he uses clickbait. Once again W2S dropped a diss at KSI saying that his rap career is finished. Finally, Deji comes back at Simon saying Deji’s family fed him. Later, JJ decided to return to the group but the public thinks that it was all fake to get views. KSI later said it was not really fake.

By Jessos