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Why The 'Perfect Body' Is Never Worth The Risk

Submitted by solomon on Fri, 08/17/2018 - 14:55
Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Kat Jayne

The perfect body is wanted by many, but it’s risky. Pursuing it can cost many their lives, as it can become an obsession. More people should know about it than they do.

What do people want?

The perfect body is wanted by the majority of social media users, whether adults or teens, often trying to impress someone. It can be about having a nicer body than before, but some people take it to the extreme. It can seriously affect people's health and may cause death.

What extremes do people go to?

People take getting the perfect body far too seriously and end up hurting themselves. Working out is okay but doing it every day, all day is extreme. Some people wrap cling film around their stomachs while working out. This dehydrates their bodies and that isn’t good for anyone, as they can overheat too.

What extreme diets do people undergo?

People take diets to extremes as well. Some people binge-eat which is eating as much as they want, then throw up, so they don’t actually eat anything. This is known as bulimia and is an eating disorder. In the long run, this is worse for them, as it brings up stomach acid which can rot your teeth. It can also kill you by causing large shifts in body chemistry, which can cause the heart to go into fatal rhythms.

Should we understand this more?

We should understand what some people go through to be noticed or even to get a few followers on social media. I find this quite sad as no one is perfect, but people want to judge. This really pressures people to diet unnecessarily and go so far that they risk killing themselves. We really need to promote the awareness of body positivity and eating disorders, in order to help people who may be struggling. It can be anyone: your friend, a classmate, or even someone you see in the street. Just ask if someone is ok, and perhaps give them a compliment: it could make them feel happier about themselves. The risk is that it may validate destructive behaviour, so be careful and understanding about what you say, so you don't push them further into that behaviour.

By Ryan