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Why The Premier League Is Better Than La Liga

Submitted by solomon on Fri, 08/17/2018 - 15:33
La liga
Pic: Flickr Creative Commons / Cedric Ramirez

The Premier League and La Liga are undoubtedly the toughest leagues in the world, with most of the best players in the world playing in them. The Premier League (which evolved from the old First Division in 1992, which was founded in 1888) compared to La Liga (1984), is the oldest and most watched football league in the world.

The talent is spread evenly

The talented players in La Liga are focused towards the top 2 teams, with the odd star in one of two or three other clubs. It is no surprise when Real Madrid or Barcelona are contending for the title, with Atletico Madrid in the 2013-14 season being an exception. But in the EPL, the top players are scattered across the top 6-8 teams, making it a fairer competition. No small team can go unaccounted for in the Premier League as they can all have their seasons. In 2015-16, Leicester came from being outsiders to winning the Premier League.

The number of fans at the game

The stadium attendance really highlights the number of fans that go to see a Premier League match compared to a La Liga match. In the 2014-15 season, the average attendance exceeded 36,000, whereas in La Liga the average attendance was 27,000. This shows that more people are attending Premier League matches, but it could be explained by the fact that the average stadium capacity is smaller in La Liga.


There are eight derbies per season between the top six sides, and if Manchester United versus Liverpool counted as a derby due to their history, that would make ten. Derbies have a huge impact on the final results in the Premier League table. Derby games are not only unique because of their atmosphere but because of their importance to fans. While Liverpool don't have a derby against a fellow top six side, the games against Everton are some of their hardest every season, purely because of the pressure from the fans to win the prestigious Merseyside derby.

In conclusion, the Premier League is a more competitive and popular league compared to La Liga, with the atmosphere within the stadium raising the hairs on your neck and giving you goosebumps. The talent is spread evenly with smaller teams being able to win some silverware. 

By Fuad