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Why Mobile Phones Should Be Allowed In Class

Submitted by solomon on Sun, 10/14/2018 - 13:37
image of teacher and phone
Pic: Pexels Creative Commons / Pixabay

Phones are normally not allowed in class because teachers suspect that students wouldn’t focus on their lessons. However, there are now ways to overcome issues like these. A huge 94% of students in a survey that took place at the end of last year said that they would like to use their phones in class. Therefore, I believe that phones should be allowed in class, especially for those who have medical conditions.

Teachers can control how students use their phones

Teachers normally don’t allow students to use phones in class because they suspect that they will get distracted and go off topic. However, now that technology has developed, there have become ways for teachers to control what their students are doing on their phones during lessons. By downloading parental control apps on their students' phones, teachers can control what apps they can use. This can prevent students from playing games or watching YouTube videos during class.

Phones can be useful during some lessons

Not every school can afford to have computers or laptops in every classroom, so this is where phones become super useful. Students can use their phones for research and for educational purposes when there are no other devices available at the time. Sites like Kahoot are often used in classrooms to do quizzes, but sometimes the computers or laptops are taken by another class. So the only solution would be to allow students to use their phones or else they would become annoyed at the fact that they can’t do quizzes anymore.

Mobile phones can improve a student’s behaviour and attitude towards learning

Students can become more responsible by being allowed to use their phones in class. This is because if a student knows that they should be doing something educational on their phone, but they are playing games instead, they would learn how to be more responsible and honest. It would be a choice whether they want to play that game or they want to learn. If a teacher knows that a student is continuously using their phone for the right things, it would create a good image of the student in the teacher’s head, by considering them as a student who wants to learn.

Students who are happy perform better

Studies show that when people are happy, they achieve better results, and are more successful. Of course, if students were allowed to use their phones, they would be happier. Obviously, in some ways, people, especially teachers, would disagree with this, but the study shows that it has been proven. If students are happy during their lessons they wouldn’t be bored and would be more willing to learn.

I think that students should be allowed to use their phones as an educational tool to help them with their learning. If they choose to use their phones for educational purposes, it would make them more responsible and honest, and create a good relationship with their teachers as it would show that they are a student who wants to learn.

By Jannah