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The Student View at a school in Lewisham, London
Pic: The Student View

The Student View (TSV) is to scale pop-up newsrooms across England and Wales after receiving grant funding from and sponsorship from the Financial Times.

Launched in September 2016, The Student View is a media literacy charity working to create a newsroom in every school to ensure all young people become critical media consumers and creators.

The Student View places journalists in schools as volunteers including Tania Bryer, Afua Hirsch and Robert Shrimsley. Journalists mentor schoolchildren during workshops to give them a chance to share their world through words. More than 60 journalists from over 20 media platforms including The Times, The Guardian and Buzzfeed volunteer as Student View mentors.

TSV journalist volunteer in session

Over the next two years, The Student View with Google’s support will establish 30 pop-up newsrooms in schools across major towns and cities in England and Wales, including England’s social mobility coldspots such as Bradford, Hastings and Norwich. In 2017, these areas were ranked by the Social Mobility Commission as some of the worst places for children from low - income backgrounds to grow up in England.

Workshops will cover topics such as bias, fact vs opinion, spotting misinformation, privacy, the social media landscape and what makes news newsworthy.

Ronan Harris, MD, Google UK and Ireland said: “The ability to critically analyse news and information is more important than ever. That’s why we're delighted to provide funding, partnership and training to help The Student View scale their work beyond London and ensure students across the UK can become critical media consumers and creators. This is part of our global programme to improve digital information literacy for young people."

The Financial Times is the first news organisation to fund TSV newsrooms and place their journalists in schools as Student View mentors. The workshops will support ten non-selective secondary schools in London this academic year.

Jon Slade, Chief Commercial Officer of the Financial Times, speaking about the partnership said: “We are delighted to be partnering with The Student View to raise awareness of the vital role journalism plays in our society - and to champion diversity across the industry. We want to give young people a platform to use their voice and help them to develop their story-writing skills.”

Solomon Elliott, The Student View’s founder said: “Having the chance to scale our work beyond London is an exciting opportunity and an incredible achievement for a charity that is only 18 months old. Thanks to and the Financial Times, we can empower young people across the country to create and critically engage with news content. We hope this attracts support from other technology companies and media organisations who have a duty to ensure the next generation is equipped with essential critical media literacy skills.”

TSV volunteer journalist in session

The Student View has a transformative impact on the young people who participate in the programme.

88% of pupils from TSV’s latest impact survey agreed with the statement: “I can now complete extended pieces of writing to a higher standard” and 95% of pupils supported the statement: “I now can confidently research complex information independently online.”


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Download images of The Student View’s pop - up newsrooms in action here


  • The Student View was launched as a project in September 2016 by Teach First English teacher and University of Cambridge graduate Solomon Elliott and became a registered charity in April 2017.
  • The Student View has set up 50 newsrooms in 35 schools across London including Graveney School, Harris Academy Peckham and Ark Academy Walworth.
  • More than 750 pupils aged 11-18 have participated to date. At least 50% of pupils who take part must come from low-income backgrounds.
  • Alan Rusbridger, former editor-in-chief of The Guardian is the charity’s patron.
  • For a more comprehensive list of journalist volunteers:
  • For updates, please follow @TSV_ORG on Twitter or thestudentview on Instagram