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4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Doctor Who

Submitted by solomon on Tue, 01/08/2019 - 14:54
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Doctor Who has been part of British culture since 1963 and it’s a programme that still runs today. This science fiction show revolves around The Doctor, an extraterrestrial time lord who travels around with his companions. His aim? Trying to save the world!

1. The companions throughout the years

The Doctor’s friends provide humour and a sense of completion. The friendship between the companion and The Doctor is heart-warming and enjoyable to watch.

2. The 13th Doctor

Doctor Who finally has a female Doctor! The first episode gained an average of 8.2 million viewers on the 7th of October 2018. People all over the world gathered to watch actor Jodie Whittaker as the first female to play the Time Lord. It was the most watched launch of a Doctor Who series in 10 years.

3. The humour

Not only does the programme bring togetherness, but it also includes comedy. The Doctor’s comical character complements his or her witty behaviour throughout the series.

4. You either hate it or love it

Regenerations are very common at the end of a series of Doctor Who, and there have been twelve doctors so far who have regenerated. This is so that a new actor or actress can play the leading role. It’s very upsetting when your favourite Doctor passes, but you do grow to love the next. The best thing about the TV show is that the regenerations bring different characteristics to The Doctor.

By Amina