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Humans Evolved From Aliens And I Can Prove It

Submitted by solomon on Mon, 01/28/2019 - 12:18
 Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons / Viktor Talashuk
Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons / Viktor Talashuk

Humans have always been fascinated by our history and about the past. So why do we never question where we come from? We were all taught in school about evolution, but if this is how humans came to be, then how are we so different from every other creature?

One explanation for this is that humans are not from Earth. Let’s look at the reasons this could actually be true.

1. Humans can’t detect things as animals can

Humans are significantly different as we have different characteristics from animals. For example, in the case of natural disasters, humans are always impacted. Animals somehow know when there a natural disaster such as tsunami and earthquake that is about to occur. Since most species that live on earth have this ability, why don’t humans?


2. Humans are much smarter than other animals

If evolution happened like we are taught in school, then why are humans so intelligent? All other animals on Earth have similar levels of intellect. Humans have always been seen as the most powerful and dominant creatures. Doesn’t it seem odd that all other animals somehow contribute to the ecosystem, but humans don’t?


3. Humans change the environment

Every animal is adapted to its habitat; therefore it has special abilities to survive there. For example, some snakes camouflage themselves with trees to hide from predators. Humans are the only creature that has to change its environments to survive. We have to build shelter and have to wear coats to protect ourselves from the wilderness. No other animal has to do this.


4. If not from Earth, where did humans come from?

Research has suggested that humans are actually aliens brought over to Earth via an asteroid containing extra-terrestrial cell known as “seeds”.

“Panspermia is a mechanism that allows biology to spread through space without needing a spaceship,” explains the website Gaia. In theory, what happened was that microorganisms from outer space landed on Earth and evolved into humans. We did not evolve from Apes.

Why are humans so unique? We are aliens.

By Ghaureish