Packing Your Bags? 5 Tips To Help You Travel In Tranquillity

Whether you're going by car, plane or train, these tips will help you to ease every stressful travelling experience.

By Darun, London · March 15, 2019


Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons / Capturing The Human Heart

Like millions of travellers, you just have to face it. Before reaching your dream holiday destination, you first have to endure a tiresome and annoying journey. These tips will help make it a more comfortable experience, and cheaper for your wallet.

How can I spend less money while travelling?

Feel a little hungry during your journey? Don’t fall into the typical traveller trap by stopping at a service station and buying your snacks there. Snacks at service stations are tagged with astronomical prices that will empty your wallet. Instead of being a couch potato, go and get your snacks the day before you leave in a local supermarket. Prices will be much more reasonable.


How can I save storage in my suitcase?

Many travellers face the headache of not having enough space in their suitcases. An innovative way to prevent this issue is by rolling your clothes while packing, instead of folding them. Rolling your clothes is more space efficient, and it also prevents your clothes from wrinkling. The extra space can enable you to store your souvenirs and will help you avoid complications at the airport.


How can I prevent jet lag?

Travelling somewhere tropical or distant from your home? Chances are that you are likely to face jet lag. If you are new to the term to jet lag, is described when your sleep routine is disturbed by a long flight. There is no medical treatment for jet lag, but one of the ways you can reduce its symptoms is by sleeping during your journey. Trust me, the eye masks that air attendants provide are very useful! Also, avoid drinking coffee during your journey. It can make you feel even worse.