Persona 5: Why You Should Play It Proudly

Persona 5 is the fifth instalment in the Persona series from Atlus Games after an eight-year break.

By Doruk, London · June 10, 2019

Pic: Unsplash/ Lucas Ortiz

With such an expansive story and distinguished characters, I believe the game is the best in the entire series. Here is why…

It’s award-winning!

It won the Game Award for Best Role Playing Game 2017!

They value their best characters

Some beloved characters for seasoned players make a return or at least a cameo. One of the returning characters also has an important role in the game and may even be apart of a plot twist. The story and game are highly acclaimed and this can be seen on Metacritic.

Amazing music

So what about the music? The game and its story are all about Role Playing Games (RPGs), right? Wrong! This time, Shoji Meguro composed the music and it is deeply loved. All tracks have a purpose and don’t ruin the flow of the game as they add more to the story and game giving it both a classy and powerful style! Try out, ‘Last Surprise’, people love it.



A lengthy game in general

The game is rather long as it needs to be with the story it has and the fact that it is an RPG. I think it is a satisfying game from start to finish, the joyful art and characters definitely help!

It finds ways around it flaws

Every game has its shortcomings. This game’s main flaw is that it is an RPG and some may not like its style. However, the game combats this by devising thoughtful methods against this, such as a move or act that ends the battle whilst giving the player a reward such as money or an item. There is also the feature of a team attack, with the ending of the attack prompting a beautiful splash artwork of a random character.

I believe Persona 5 is excellent and with so many accolades to its name, a person who has heard of it will instantly identify reasons why fans love this game.