Racial Abuse? I Believe It Should Be Made A More Severe Crime

While there are many types of abuse in the world, I firmly believe that racial abuse is one of the most severe.

By Blaine, London · March 15, 2019


Racial abuse can mentally harm people and the damage done by racial abuse can never be forgotten.

Why I believe racial abuse the most severe type of abuse

Racial abuse is one of the most severe type of abuse because it can cause depression. This can lead to self-harming, shutting off from the outside world, and potentially, suicidal thoughts. In a survey of 810 African American youths aged 13-17, all of them said they had received racial discrimination. A further 95% said they had suicidal thoughts.


The experience of racial discrimination

survey for the Guardian of 1,000 people from minority ethnic backgrounds revealed some interesting findings. While only 18% of white people thought they had been overlooked for a work promotion in a way that felt unfair in the last five years, 43% of people from an ethnic minority background felt this way. Just 14% of white people had been wrongly suspected of shoplifting in the last five years, compared to 38% of people from an ethnic minority background.

As for being treated differently because of their ‘hair, clothes or appearance’? While just 29% of white people believed this happened to them, 53% of those from a minority background thought this had happened to them.


So, what can be done to prevent racism?

It is not hard at all to prevent racism. All that needs to be done is a better display of mutual love and respect for one another, whatever race or ethnicity someone is. Support anti-racism organisations and if nothing changes, calmly protest that nothing is being done about racism.