Rape Cases Triple In Five Years In Manchester

Rape cases have gone up by 220% since 2014, from 1,163 a year to 3,720 in 2018.

By Pupils in Manchester · September 30, 2019

There has been a 220% increase in rape cases in Manchester over the last 5 years, according to Greater Manchester Police.

3,720 rapes were reported in 2018, up from 1,163 cases in 2014.

Over the five year period, there were a total of 10,665 female and 1,737 male victims, with a further 467 of unspecified gender.

These figures include children, and victims of statutory rape. The data comes from an Freedom of Information request.

Pic: Wikimedia Commons / KJP1

What happened in these cases?

Only 13% of attackers have since been formally charged, with 1,177 charges brought against 9,631 named offenders. 96% of offenders were male, with 3% of an unspecified gender and 1% female.

In 21% of cases, the victim did not support prosecution against their attackers.

What do the organisation Manchester Rape Crisis say?

Anne Stebbings, from Manchester Rape Crisis, said, “Women who have experienced rape or other forms of sexual violence are reporting in increasing numbers. In Greater Manchester there has been a 60% increase in reported rape cases since 2014. Despite the increase in reporting this is only a fraction of the real extent of sexual violence in our community the majority of which will go unreported. Added to this is fact than fewer than 15% of rape victims will go on to make a report to the police. Nationally of every 200 cases of rape reported only 3 will go to court.

“Despite being encouraged to report and increasing numbers of women doing so, victims and survivors are being failed by the criminal justice system. There needs to be a review of a system in which most charged offenders are not prosecuted, the increasing time that cases take to get to court and the low conviction rate. There appears to be no meaningful access to justice for victims of sexual assault and men who commit these crimes are going unpunished.

“Greater Manchester Rape Crisis and Trafford Rape Crisis provide free, confidential information and support to women who have experienced rape or sexual abuse at any point in their lives, whether as an adult or a child and whether or not they have reported to the police.”

Why did students cover this story?

Students from Manchester, said, “It’s important to raise awareness of the reality of the situation as many voices aren’t heard and victims are afraid to speak out. It’s important to emphasise that it should be taught to speak out in situations as well as teaching children from a young age the reality of rape as some minors may not be aware of what it is.”