Sharp Rise In Young Victims Of Knife-related Crime In Liverpool

Victims of knife-related crimes aged 17 and under have risen drastically since 2014.

By Sofia, 15 and Sam,17, Liverpool · October 1, 2019

Knife-related crimes involving victims aged 17 and under has increased 178% over the past five years.

According to data from Merseyside police, child victims of knife-related crimes stood at 47 in 2014. However, in 2018, this figure has risen to 131. 

In 2017, these figures peaked at their highest, with 145 under-18 victims. 

Pic: Unsplash/ David von Diemar

Victims of knife-related crimes of all ages has also risen. There were 1,347 victims recorded of knife-related crimes in 2018, increasing from 563 recorded victims in 2014, a rise of 139%.

A trend across the city

This trend continues across all types of crime in Liverpool. Victims aged 17 or under of all crime types, including rape, theft and violence, stood at 2,083 in 2014. In 2018, 3,404 victims within this age bracket were recorded, an increase of 63% over a five year period. 

Two teenagers from the city sourced the data via a Freedom of Information Request, made to Merseyside police, with the help of the media literacy charity The Student View. 

Liverpool Council declined to comment on these findings.

Why did students cover this topic?

Sofia, 15 and Sam,17, from Liverpool, said that they chose to focus on this topic because “being aged under 18 ourselves, we feel directly impacted by the rise in knife-related crimes in our city. We hope to raise awareness in an effort to decrease such crimes from occurring.”