Shoplifting Up 20% In Cardiff

There have been nearly 22,000 shoplifting offences in Cardiff in the last five years.

By Damien, Cardiff · May 5, 2020

Pic: Shutterstock

Cardiff has seen an increase in shoplifting of nearly 20%  in the last five years. 

2015 saw 3,780 shoplifting offences, but by 2019 this figure had risen to 4,506 per year. Shoplifting peaked in 2018, with 4,800 offences, a figure which rose gradually from 4,045 incidents in 2016 and 4,715 in 2017. 

In total there have been 21,926 occurrences of shoplifting in Cardiff in five years. 

According to a Freedom of Information report from South Wale Police, five streets in particular have been worst hit by offences of this nature. Queen Street, Newport Road, St Davids Way, Cowbridge Road East and The Hayes all made the list. Queen Street was by far the worst off, with 2,494 incidents in five years, 11% of all offences. This was followed by Newport Street with 1,465, around 7% of all offences. The other three streets each had over 1,000 each over the 5 year period. 

The information was sourced by the media literacy charity The Student View.