Simple ways you can stop your parents from sharing fake coronavirus news

The World Health Organization (WHO) has labelled the level of misleading information online surrounding COVID-19 as an 'infodemic', leading to anti-misinformation charity The Student View issuing guidelines to tackle the problem

Source: The Mirror

With older generations said to be at greater risk of coronavirus, a charity has also warned it’s also vital to keep them safe from misinformation online too.

Fake news about COVID-19 is being widely shared on social media and messaging services like Whatsapp, which can make us more stressed and susceptible to the bad advice we see.

While some are pretty harmless – like the story of a giant lasagne being baked in Wembley stadium using the underfloor heating – other fake news has proved to be fatal.

A man died and his wife was left fighting for her life after the pair took fish tank cleaner in an attempt to self-medicate for coronavirus.

Misinformation being spread on Whatsapp has included messages advising people to stay indoors as army helicopters would be flying over the country spraying pesticides to kill the virus, encouraging others to tell their family and friends – which many did.

Solomon Elliott, CEO The Student View charity, said: “It’s critical that we stop spreading coronavirus fake news. We’ve seen dozens of posts that could put people’s health at risk. Not only does it strain the NHS more, sharing unreliable information makes us all more anxious than we need to be.