SoundCloud v Spotify. Which Is The Best Music Streaming Service Out There?

SoundCloud is a music streaming service. Here’s why I believe it's better than all of its competitors!

By Henok, London · March 15, 2019

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Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons / RawPixel

SoundCloud allows anyone, whether a professional musician or just a teen making music in their bedroom, to distribute and promote their work. Let’s break down each of its elements.

It’s free!

You can literally pick up your phone or laptop, take a short trip to the app store and install it for free! Of course, to stream offline you’ll need SoundCloud Go which is not free. However, this still offers all kinds of music with no cost at all. If you have an internet connection, you don’t need this tool and can listen for free!


It’s easy to use

The reason I say it is easier to use is that compared to competitors such as Spotify, SoundCloud offers unlimited skips with only a few ads in between. Spotify, on the other hand, only offers six skips an hour without Premium. You have to pay for Spotify Premium. Also, without Spotify Premium you are not allowed to queue music and can only shuffle songs.

This means that using SoundCloud is much easier, faster and more enjoyable in comparison.


You can release your own music

One of the biggest reasons that SoundCloud is the best is that you can release your music! If you’re an aspiring artist, you can release your own music without paying a penny. There is also no need for music licensing which certain apps such as Spotify require.

This means that you can be the one directing your career. You don’t need to be signed to a certain label, and so there are no boundaries! The artist Chance The Rapper started off on SoundCloud and now his net worth is $33 million!


I strongly advise that you download SoundCloud. Whether you want to become an artist or even if you just want to listen to good music, it’s the app to use.