Surviving The School Year

As a student myself, I know the struggle of trying to do well in school, keeping your family happy, maintaining a social life and keeping your sanity all at once!

By Nadia, London · April 10, 2019


Pic: Pixabay / StockSnap

Although it may seem impossible, there are a few ways to make things slightly easier for yourself with just a few changes.

1. Learn how to time manage efficiently

During the school year, teachers will be throwing tasks at you every day and expecting you to be able to complete them in often very short timeframes. On top of this, you will have things to do at home with your family plus activities you want to do for yourself or with your friends. You are only human, so you can’t be everywhere at once.

However, knowing how to manage your time by planning ahead, or even something as little as setting out an hour every day for homework will help you significantly to stay on track.



2. Take your classes seriously

It is impossible to mess around all year or daydream through every lesson and still expect to get the high grades you want to achieve.

Despite it feeling like it has nothing to do with you, the teacher being too boring or too annoying will not matter when you get your exam results. For this reason, regardless of it feeling like a chore most of the time, you have to put in an effort to do your set tasks and homework if you want to do well this academic year.



3. Have a positive mindset

Some people just aren’t academic and no amount of studying or extra tuition can help with that. You may be struggling with all of your subjects or you may not like any of your teachers this year. However, letting it stress you out or make you think less of yourself will not help anything, so remember to remain positive throughout it all.



Keep in mind that school is only part of your life and grades are not the be all and end all. Don’t let them consume you.

4. Make sure to have some time for yourself

Although you should make sure to stay focused on your school work, devoting all of your time to it will leave you lost, tired and depressed. Having a hobby or doing something that you enjoy at least a few times a week, whether it be playing your favourite sport, doing something with your friends or even taking a night to relax while watching TV and eating in peace will be good for your mental health.

Even if you have a tedious, strenuous, draining school year ahead, this will help keep you sane and healthy.