Teens Under 16 Should Be Allowed To Work. Here’s Why.

In the UK, you cannot work full time under the age of 16. Allow me to explain why I think this age should be lowered.

By Kyo, London · March 15, 2019

cafe worker

Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons / Brooke Cagel

I think that people in the age group of 16 and under are seen as immature and irresponsible. Yet I believe that we should be allowed to work sooner in life if we wish.

Allow me to explain why.

1. For work experience

Young people should be allowed to work under 16 because then they can experience how it is to live an adult life. This is excellent preparation for when they get older. They will improve their skills and abilities earlier in life. This is better than getting to work at 21 and having no idea what to do.  They can also be allowed to learn from previous mistakes sooner in their careers.


2. For money

Some young people need the money. This might be for the extra support of parents or other relatives, who need financial support. Additional money can always benefit someone, whether that be the young person or someone else close to them.


3. For a sense of value

Working gives a sense of meaning and value to a person. Helping someone else, whether that be through a job or through being able to support a loved one with money, makes a person feel proud.

Working under 16 is often seen as a bad thing, however, if the young person needs extra financial help or want to experience work to prepare for adult life beforehand, then I think they should be allowed.

It can’t be negative to help your future self to be good at a job and experience the world of work.