The Benefits of Reading Fictional Books

I love reading in my spare time; it's given me loads of new vocabulary to use in my writing and schoolwork.

By William, London · April 11, 2019


Pic: Pixabay / Free Photos

Reading relieves stress

According to The Telegraph, reading for just 6 minutes can relieve you of stress (reduced by around 60%). Psychologists believe this is because the mind has to focus, reducing tension in the muscles and heart. This is proven to be more effective than anything else (music, walking etc).

An additional benefit is that reading helps you sleep. If you read before you go to the bed, you help your mind disengage from the work you’ve done that day and wake up refreshed for the next day.



Reading builds our vocabulary

When reading, we come across new words. If we then find the definition of these new words, then we will start building a huge library of vocabulary. Research has told us that the more vocabulary a reader knows, the easier understanding languages will become.



Reading builds our imagination

Reading every day can greatly benefit your imagination. If you read a bag full of books per year, then you will have read about a variety of different locations. Reading about things like this will challenge you to try and remember the buildings and objects on the page. Fictional books are extremely good for this.

All in all, you should never be ashamed to pick up a fictional book.