The Lowdown On Luxurious Dubai

Dubai began as a complete desert and was build up with wealth from its natural resources, most predominantly oil. So what is it all about today?

By Eliana, London · March 15, 2019

DubaiPic: Unsplash Creative Commons / Christoph Sculz

Where is Dubai located?

Dubai, the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is located in the middle east of the world. It is known for providing a luxurious lifestyle and lots of glamorous architecture. The UAE belongs to the continent Asia, specifically the Southwest.


What is it famous for?

Dubai is famous for many reasons including Palm islands (islands shaped like a palm leaf), Burj Al Arab Jumeirah (the only 9-star hotel in the world) and Dubai Mall. This is the 2nd largest mall in the world. However, the main attraction is the Burj Khalifa, the largest skyscraper in the world, with 160 floors.


Why should you go?

Not only is Dubai a luxurious city, but in my opinion, it is the best city for you to go on vacation. With dozens of beautiful sights and temperatures hitting 40 degrees Celsius it is perfect for sunbathing. Dubai also has some of the best resorts and tours for a vacation. The lifestyle is all about fast cars, expensive dishes and the best clothes. Furthermore, it has pristine beaches with camels and exhilarating safari experiences.


Is it a strict city?

To be honest, Dubai is mostly a Muslim country. This means that yes, there are some restrictions. However, it is also perfectly fine to be a tourist and wear whatever you want in the main tourist areas. Furthermore, while Dubai is a religious country, this should be respected but not feared.