The Most Inspiring People Of Last Year

The last twelve months have seen a big turning point for many countries and a massive year of change politically and economically. As such, many people are finding solace in their icons.

By Daisy, London · April 24, 2019


Pic: Rihanna’s Epic 10-Minute Guide to Going Out Makeup | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

The Music Star: Rihanna

Rihanna has proven herself not only to be an amazing singer but also a style icon. She has released her own makeup line, Fenty Beauty, and lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, both of which have proved to be very successful.

She launched her makeup and fashion line because large amounts of the population were feeling very underserved by the fashion and beauty community. Her actions have helped empower women. This giving her fans a lot of faith and hope in Rihanna and what she will do next.

The Social Media Star: Kylie Jenner

Although Kylie Jenner is part of the famous Kardashian family, she has proven herself to have a good eye for business. She reached the $1billion mark from her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics. Not only that, but she has a huge following on social media. Kylie has become an entrepreneurial inspiration with fans wanting to start up their own business.



The Movie Star: Hugh Jackman

Hugh would be described as an inspiration not only from his acting in movies like X Men, but because of his new coffee enterprise. The profits are all donated to the plantation, as shown in an upcoming documentary.

The enterprise gives the people of Ethiopian plantation jobs. It has had a very positive response from people as he has shown what real life is away from social media, making people aware of struggles in less economically developed countries.



The Sports Star: Sir Mo Farrah

Mo is internationally known for his incredible achievements in sports, leading him to be knighted in the 2017 Honours List. He won gold in both 500m and 10,000m in the Rio Olympics. Mo has also influenced thousands of young people to start running and to pursue physical activity. He has famously supported healthy eating again allowing people to make healthier life choices.