The Myriad Benefits Of Video Games

Video gaming isn’t all about slobbing on your sofa and staring at a screen.

By Daniel, Marek and Ali, London · May 12, 2020

Pic: Shutterstock

Build confidence and help you make new friends

When you join a new school you’re normally not too confident, but some people might ask for your username on gaming consoles. Playing with them online will build your friendships and will help you with your confidence. You can chat to them in the game and get to know each other. This will in turn help you make more friends.

Some video games, especially online video games, can also help you find friends because they use random matchmaking, expanding your pool of friends. However, this can be dangerous because of catfishers, so always be careful. You can find out more about catfishing here

They help your memory and reaction time

Studies have shown video games can improve your reaction time because things often happen quickly and your brain must think about lots of things at once. Video games can also improve your memory, because the player has to remember all the characters’ special abilities, what each tool does and other aspects. 

They release stress

Whether you’re playing with friends or playing alone, video games can really take your mind off things like school and other stresses. Scientists say they do this because it makes you feel more relaxed. It also gives you entertainment which can really help you in life because it makes you more of a nice guy or girl, and you won’t be miserable!


In video games you normally have to communicate with other players, for example telling a shooter where to hide or “Watch out, there’s an enemy behind you!”. This could help you have the confidence to start and maintain conversations in real life.

Help you with your surroundings

Video games can help make you aware of your surroundings and keep a high awareness for what is happening near you.