The Social Media Landscape In 2019

In 2019, it is estimated that there are around 2 billion social media users around the globe. So why do these platforms interest people so much?

By Nawaal, London · June 3, 2019

Pic: Unsplash / Sara Kurfess 

Why is social media so popular?

The popularity of social media has rapidly increased over the last few years. It has become a part of people’s everyday lives. Facebook is easily the world’s largest networking sites and one of the most widely used. It is closely followed by WhatsApp, which has 1.59 billion users.

One key reason why social media is so popular is because it allows us to do things and experience that we cannot do anywhere else. While sitting alone at home, we can make our most private and personal thoughts public. These thoughts can out to the entire world in an instant.

Why do we use social media?

There are many reasons as to why we do certain things. For example, people sleep to have enough energy to say active throughout the day.



So why do people use social media? One important reason is that is fun. Trying fun filters and watching viral videos are things people enjoy and are entertained by.

Another reason is to make money. Building a business from scratch may be easier to achieve with the help of the online attention and the worldwide connections of social media.

The negative effects of social media

Many people wouldn’t even want to think about a world without social media, but did you know it can take a harmful turn on your health?

Even though social media comes with many opportunities, and benefits us in many ways, it can affect us in many negative ways too. People who are addicted to social media may experience negative side effects such as eye strain, or lack of sleep. If you spend your time researching problems or arguing with people, you may experience stress, which can have a negative impact on your health.