Thousands Hospitalised With Asthma In Last 5 Years In North West London

London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust shows over 1,000 were hospitalised from asthma last year alone.

By Anon, Harrow · May 14, 2020

Pic: Shutterstock

According to data from London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust, 6,836 people were hospitalised in the area because of asthma in the last six years. 

The findings, sourced by media literacy The Student View, showed that 1,058 people were hospitalised with asthma in 2019. Even more, hospitalisations occurred the year previous, at 1,202. 1,162 were hospitalised in 2017, 1,193 in 2016 and 1,115 in 2015. The lowest number of hospitalisations over the last six years happened in 2014, with 1,106 in total. 

While Northwick Park Hospital dealt with 663 issues needing hospitalisation in 2014, it dealt with 782 in 2019. However, figures decreased at Ealing Hospital, from 290 in 2016 to 275 in 2019. 

Why did the student choose this topic?

A student from Harrow said: “I chose this topic because it’s currently affecting the people around us. Sometimes, our actions and the way they are impacting the planet are the reason why people suffer so badly from asthma. It is important because some of my friends have asthma and it’s tragic.”

How did the answers make our journalist feel?

“The answers that I got back made me sad as the number of people who have asthma are rapidly increasing. It’s horrific.”