Three Rough Sleepers Die In Lambeth Since 2016

A total of three homeless men in their 30s died in Lambeth since 2016, according to new data released by the council.

By Eremias, Octavio and Anon, Lambeth · May 4, 2020

homeless person on street near door
Pic: CGP Grey

Three homeless men in their thirties have died in Lambeth since 2016, with one death reported this year.

The deaths of the men, aged 31, 34 and 38, were reported to the council by the rough sleeping outreach team. The first died in 2016, the second in 2017, and the most recent was in 2020.

Lambeth Council has a statutory duty to prevent homelessness but also to make arrangements when a person has died alone, in poverty without sufficient money to pay for a funeral. 

Leader of the council Cllr Jack Hopkins said: “Ensuring that no-one is forced to sleep on the streets by investing in services that provide compassion and support for vulnerable people has been at the heart of our approach in the last few years. 

“It’s clear that in a big, successful capital city like London it is possible to help people off the streets and into a safe and secure bed. 

“Sadly, the numbers of people sleeping on the streets have exploded since austerity measures were brought in in 2010, and the lesson to be learnt from this crisis is that adequately funding services can end this unacceptable situation.”

This team was run by the charity Change Grow Live from 2013 until April 1st, when Thames Reach took over the contract for an annual fee of £351,932.92 up to 2023.

Bill Tidnam, Chief Executive of the charity Thames Reach, said a collaborative approach was vital in tackling homelessness in the borough.

He added: “That means we as an agency can work with the council to respond to new things. It also helps us invest in services; the fact that we have a good relationship, we have some security, means that we can invest in making things better.”