YouTube Space London hosts TSV X NewsTalks, with Google News Initiative

Passionate students from across the UK met with highly-regarded journalists for the inaugural NewsTalks event.

James Harding of Tortoise Media, ex-Head of News at the BBC, speaks with students at NewsTalks. Photo credit / Sarah Bardsley

On April 30th, YouTube Space London hosted The Student View X NewsTalks, with Google News Initiative.

We were joined by journalists from many major publications and students from schools nationwide for a very special afternoon filled with learning, conversation, games, chatter and more.

Our impressive roster of high-profile journalists included

  • Jackie Long, Channel 4
  • Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Channel 4
  • Caspar Llewellyn-Smith, The Guardian
  • Anushka Asthana, The Guardian
  • Iman Amrani, The Guardian
  • Chris Shaw, ITN
  • Rianna Croxford, BBC
  • Claudia-Liza Armah, Channel 5
  • James Harding from Tortoise Media

Each interacted with students from schools across the country, including Manchester Enterprise Academy, St Leonards Academy, Dagenham Park School, Calderstones School, Bentley Wood School and The Blue Coat Schools!

Photo credit / Sarah Bardsley

NewsTalks was also a celebration of World News Day 2019. The Student View founded the day’s ‘sixth pillar’, which promotes the value of media literacy.

Through this event and many more to come, we are working towards making it an essential part of school curriculums across the globe.

Photo credit / Sarah Bardsley

Students and journalists alike went home with swag bags filled with goodies and lots of new ideas and inspiration to take forward with them!

Thanks to the students and journalists who were involved, in addition to Google News Initiative, YouTube Space London and the Canadian Journalism Foundation.

Photo credit / Sarah Bardsley