Violent And Sexual Crimes Double In Five Years In Cambridgshire Ely CB6 Postcode

Violent and sexual crimes in the Cambridgeshire Ely CB6 postcode have gone from 276 in 2015 to 565 in 2019.

By Alex and Lauren, Cambridge · May 7, 2020

Pic: Shutterstock

Crimes of a violent or sexual nature have risen from 276 to 565 annually in the CB6 area of Cambridge over a five year period. 

There were 31 sexual offences in 2015, which increased to 51 crimes of this nature in 2019. Violent crimes more than doubled, from 245 to 514 over five years, with zero incidents of stalking and harassment in 2015, 2016 and 2017, until it increased dramatically to 60 in 2018 and then 121 in 2019.

Violent crimes that didn’t result in injuries increased from 150 incidents in 2015 to 259 in 2019, while those crimes that did result in injuries rose from 95 to 134 over the same time frame.

Crimes of a violent or sexual nature have also risen from 22 to 66 annually in Sutton, from 25 to 70 in Haddenham, and from 85 to 208 in Littleport. 

Outside of CB6, the same crimes rose from 57 to 110 in Wisbech between 2015 and 2019.

Local paper Cambridgeshire Live reported in 2018 that “Violent crime is 90% higher than nine years ago, while police officer numbers have dropped by nearly a tenth.”

The report added “leaked Home Office documents have suggested that there may be a link between rising crime rates and falling police numbers.

The data was released by Cambridgeshire Constabulary to the media literacy charity The Student View following the submission of  Freedom of Information request. 

A police spokesperson from Cambridge Constabulary said: “The figures around violent and sexual crimes need to be taken in context as they can encompass a number of different offences and scenarios from common assault to much more serious crimes. This figure also includes incidents such as domestic abuse, an area, along with sexual offences, in which we have done extensive campaign work to encourage victims to come forward and report crimes and we will continue with our work around this. 

“The public play a vital role in supporting our work to tackle and prevent crime, and every day we receive information from them that makes a genuine difference to that work.”

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