We Must Stop Judging Young Women

In today’s society, girls are often judged, from how they dress to their appearances and more.

By Abigail, London · April 16, 2019


Pic: Pexels / Dhyamis Kleber

Here are just some of the ways that young women find they are judged.

For their appearance

A Girlguiding survey has shown that 36% of 7-10-year-olds care more about their appearance than anything else. Of this figure, 25% think that they need to be “perfect”.

This proves that a lot of girls get judged by how they look. They feel that they have an obligation to look perfect. This would take a toll on that young girl’s mental health and cause low self-esteem.

Children just need to be children. They should not want to grow up too fast or find a need to be perfect so young.



For their fashion sense

At times, women get judged by what they wear. Sometimes, for example, someone might see a girl wearing what they feel is promiscuous clothing. They would say that the outfit is not something a lady would wear, that you would not see a grown woman wearing that form of clothing. However, all ages of women should be allowed to wear what they wish.

In some women’s mind it brings out their character and it helps them become confident in themselves. Nobody should get in the way of that.



For their weight

In today’s society, many women and girls wish they were thinner and not the healthy weight they already are. Social media has a toll on this due to all of these supermodels who look beautiful, when they are actually airbrushed and filtered. They do not look like that in real life. This could cause a mental condition called Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Overall, people should stop judging women by their weight, facial appearance and fashion sense. It can have lots of negative effects and is fundamentally wrong.