Our impact

The impact of our newsrooms in schools across the UK's poorest communities.

The story so far

We've made impressive progress since we started in September 2016

72 Newsrooms have been launched

1,082 Young people have completed our programme

82 Journalists have joined our team as volunteers

Media literacy

Who could be better placed to explain our impact than the young graduates of our programme themselves?

We put two questions to an entire class after the first session of our programme. We wanted to hear for ourselves whether or not they felt we had made a positive difference.

Here is what they told us

“I can confidently tell the difference between fact and opinion, agreed 95% of pupils.

“The Student View project has taught me ways to tell the difference between real and fake news”, agreed 89% of pupils.

At the end of the entire programme, we dug a little deeper. We found that

“I now can confidently research complex information on my own online” was a statement that 80% of students agreed with either ‘quite a lot’ or ‘very much’, and, 

The Student View helped me understand the importance of exploring the views of others” was agreed with either “quite a lot” or “very much” by 94% of students.

Tom Ough, commissioning editor for The Telegraph's weekend lifestyle supplements volunteering at Coombe Boys' School, New Malden

Long term

So what about further down the line? What kind of lasting impact does our work have the power of making?

Student Josh recently completed his second year as a Philosophy, Politics and Economics undergraduate at the University of Oxford.

“The Student View allowed me to find my voice and help others find theirs too. I never thought I could be the sort of person who would be on one of the world’s most prestigious university courses.”


Meanwhile, student Adam became the London Borough of Lewisham’s Young Mayor in October 2018. He believes that,

“TSV lets you learn how to write, not just academically, where you’d usually use a tonne of big words - you can genuinely communicate your ideas”.


Adam continues to write in his spare time and recently wrote a piece about the causes of knife crime which he addressed to the UN’s Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights. This powerful piece was published by Vice UK in November 2018.

The School View

Our efforts have been appreciated not just by our students, but by their teachers.

“The Student View’s Independent - State Schools Partnership Project offers another fantastic opportunity for the independent sector to showcase our commitment to social integration, action and mobility.”

Andrew Hall, Headmaster at Kings College, London

andrew hall

“I am delighted to have had The Student View programme running at my school over the last two years. We have been astounded by the impact on our pupils. Working with 18 boys with low literacy levels aged 12 – 13 produced remarkable results last year. The highest reading age gain was 3 years in 6 months. TSV needs to be everywhere.”

James Melligan, Assistant Headteacher, Coombe Boys’ School

The Future

If you’d like to see this impact in action, or would like to become part of a team who work tirelessly to implement it nationwide, get in touch.