Wheatley Hills and Intake Hit By Robberies And Thefts In Doncaster

The two Doncaster neighbourhoods suffered over 300 incidents in just four months, the worst of any residential areas.

By Gabrielle, Doncaster · April 21, 2020

Pic: Shutterstock

New data has revealed the Doncaster areas hit hardest by thefts in the last four months of 2019, following the floods there in November.

Aside from the town centre, Wheatley Hills and Intake was the worst-hit area in the last third of 2019. The neighbourhood saw 319 incidents of burglary, theft, shoplifting and blackmail. The town centre saw 703 of the same incidents, 238 of which were shoplifting.

Bentley saw 244 incidents while Hexthorpe and Balby North saw 241 incidents, the second and third highest amounts, excluding the town centre. 

The area with the fewest crimes of this nature was Roman Ridge, with 57, followed by Tickhill and Wadworth, with 67.

Of the four months, September was the worst, with 888 total offences across Doncaster. This declined steadily to a low of 849 offences in December.

Despite rumours of looting after the floods in November, theft-related crimes went down from the previous month, from 877 to 850, perhaps as a result of the worse weather.

In total, 3,339 robberies, thefts and burglaries occurred in Doncaster in the Autumn/Winter period of 2019, the equivalent of 27 robberies per day. 

The findings were sourced via Freedom of Information request by the media literacy charity The Student View and covered September to December 2019.

In a report on local robberies by The Doncaster Free Press in 2019, Sheffield Heeley MP Louise Haigh, shadow policing minister, said “The truth is reckless cuts to the police mean that criminals increasingly think they can get away with it. The erosion of neighbourhood policing has had devastating consequences for crime prevention and public safety.”