Why Black Panther Is So Important For African Representation In Movies

Black Panther opens up a whole new perspective about Africans.

By Muhammad, London · April 3, 2019

Black Panther

Pic: YouTube/ Black Panther Teaser Trailer, Marvel Entertainment

Black Panther demonstrates African culture, languages, clothes and way of life in a manner we have rarely seen before on the big screen.  

The movie is set in Africa, in a made-up place called Wakanda. Here, the Black Panther takes his place as King and has to protect his people from a deadly old foe. This happens after his father’s death in another Marvel movie, Captain America Civil War.



Black Panther is one of the only movies to contain mostly African actors and characters. It shows African culture that you might not usually see in a Marvel film.

They also have the body mark, languages, clothing and fights. Sometimes these elements are brought together. For example, during the fight for rule, people are wearing traditional African clothes. The movie also displays true African cultures by showing how some Africans live.



All of this is rolled into a movie as well as action fights and deaths. This movie makes information interesting and action-packed.