Why Education Is Important

Education is so much more than picking up a pen and writing for hours on end.

By Garthia, London · March 18, 2019


Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons / RawPixel

Imagine a world without education. We would have to learn everything for ourselves, and I am pretty sure no one wants to do that! Learning via school education is the best thing you could ever do.

Your Dreams

Acquiring literacy provides you with the tools and skills to build the foundations of your dreams. Education gives you the clarity to birth your dream and the will to realise what is best for you. It also shows you the importance of your dream and the ways you can go about achieving it.


Your Persona

People often judge you from the way you carry yourself, so if you have a brilliant education you can prove negative opinions wrong. Education gives you a chance to learn from your own experiences and make people have confidence in you. That will give them something positive to talk about! It will also show people how much more there is to you, especially for the women in our society.


Your Lifestyle

Education can teach you about numbers, algebra and maths, so you have the practical knowledge to make calculations. That way you can work out where and how you should spend your money. The best way to have a good lifestyle is with a good education.


Without knowledge, people wouldn’t be able to communicate, talk, read, write, or calculate. It gives us the skills and tools we need to live in the world. It also teaches us how to live an adult lifestyle with as much ease as we can.

There is so much more to education than what is laid on the table in front of us.